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  • Pastor Ralph Acerno

True Faith

Matthew 14:24-33 is a fascinating study on the subject of true saving faith. Peter can be credited for his desire to come to Jesus. He took a leap of faith of which few would dare.

Imagine leaving the safety of a boat and putting your feet into a raging sea of water. Common sense would warn you that doing so would cause you to immediately sink and drown. Yet Peter obeyed and believed Jesus' invitation. He actually began to walk onto the water toward the Lord!

It was of course Jesus, and not Peter, who made it possible. Peter could not defy nature, but Jesus gave him power over nature - that is until Peter took his eyes off of Jesus and began to look at the water with doubt.

Here is a crucial lesson for us to learn. Jesus alone is the source of our faith, trust and power. When we look to him we can overcome. When we look to ourselves and feel doubt we immediately become weak and sink.

Who gave you your faith? Who IS your faith? It is Jesus from first to last. Even death itself cannot overcome those in Christ. As the writer of Hebrews states, "Let us look to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith." Peter looked to Jesus and then looked away. He almost drowned as a result. In panic he cried to the Lord.

Jesus was gracious and immediately saved him despite his doubt. When we doubt God, He is grieved but continues to reach out to us in love as he did for Peter. Even so, Jesus rebuked Peter gently with the question, "Why did you doubt?" May God build your faith as you face your our own personal storms of life. Always remember that in every storm the Lord is near you to save. Have faith and be of good courage.

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